About Us

After far too many hectic years in the city, a permanent move to the North Georgia Mountains seemed like the right decision for us. Countless others have done the same, seeking a much more relaxed, laid back, simpler way of life. Following that move many years ago, Mountain Alternatives began as a home based e-business with the same ideas of simplicity and relaxation in mind. What was once a small, successful two-person operation has now grown into a thriving manufacturing and distribution center with an amazing staff of hard working, dedicated individuals.

Our purpose at Mountain Alternatives is to provide our customers with alternative ways of preventing, minimizing and treating illnesses and ailments of all kinds. We strongly believe it is possible to combine the use of essential oils, natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle, to achieve this goal. At the same time, it is important to us to provide jobs and opportunities in this wonderful community, where employment hasn’t always been plentiful.
It’s certainly easy to understand why – when it comes to our health – finding the correct information in order to make an informed decision can be extremely difficult. This is why we want to give you the facts about who we are and what we sell.

  • Mountain Alternatives is a manufacturer of essential oils and aromatherapy products.
  • Mountain Alternatives is not a multi-level marketing company.
  • You cannot become an affiliate and sell our products.
  • We pass no hidden costs on to the consumer in order to pay affiliates.
  • Our full line of essential oils is of the highest possible quality, 100% natural and regularly GCMS tested by the most respected third party testing facility in the industry.
  • Our Organic line of essential oils, carrier oils and facial oils is USDA Certified Organic, certification many other companies in this industry are not able to claim.

In the Fall of 2012, we moved Mountain Alternatives to downtown Blue Ridge, where we quadrupled the size of our facility. We were within walking distance to the wonderful shops and restaurants that have played a part in making Blue Ridge, Georgia a tourist destination in the Southeast. In January of 2016, we purchased our own building and moved to an even larger space that is within the city limits of Blue Ridge. This new space provides us with more room to research and develop new products which we are excited to be sharing with you.


If you are an alternative medicine practitioner, have a store or spa and would like to purchase any of our items for resale, please contact our customer service department at 866-446-5913, where you can ask questions of our representatives and receive a password to enter.